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Pefkari Beach - Thassos Island - Greece - PC: 64002

Diver to Diver

Scuba diving center in Thassos Greece

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Dive Sites

The unique geographical possition of Thassos Island provides one of the most spectacular diving sites arouind Greece.

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Photo Gallery

See unique photos from our diving in different places.... Take your time, relax and enjoy!

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Looking for a new adventure? Diving is a much easier than you might think. Be ready to enjoy the new challange and dive in to a new world.

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Book the accomodation of your choice and have nice,queit and enjoable holidays in our rooms & apartments "Pefkari Bay"

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Want to start introducing other people into the Sport you love so much, become an SSI Dive Professional with Diver to Diver in Thassos, Greece.
Warm seas, easy access to dive sites, comprehensive and professional training, and a friendly attitude make Diver to Diver the ideal place to learn
Diver-to-Diver is Greece’s  Instructor Training Center and has its own in-house Instructor Trainer, making your journey to the highest level of Scuba Diving rewarding and achievable!
Diver to Diver offers straightforward courses and internships, so come and join the Professional Team and watch your career soar!

Whether you are an experienced diver or a beginner, you will have the time of your life visiting the blue kingdom of Thassos.
Start your adventure. Join our diving classes or contact us for a reservation and become the seawolf you dreamed of being.
You will benefit from full support offered by our experienced instructors and from the latest diving equipment.

See you soon!


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